VBN Components’ new machine shortens delivery times and improves material properties

Press release 24 May 2023

VBN Components AB in Sweden manufactures extremely wear-resistant materials and is known for “the world’s hardest steel”, Vibenite® 290, and “the world’s first 3d-printed cemented carbide”, Vibenite® 480. Since its inception in 2008, the company has focused on hard, additively manufactured alloys with unique properties. Additive manufacturing is often associated with faster lead times for both development and production, and now VBN has shortened the production chain even further.

VBN’s new heat treatment machine, a so-called URQ-HIP (Uniform Rapid Quenching-Hot Isostatic Pressing), was recently inaugurated at the company. It offers “HIP:ing”, heat treatment and rapid quenching. In this way, pore-free materials are guaranteed, but above all, VBN will be able to develop the alloys further, for instance through even higher hardness and toughness! VBN has continuously invested in developing alloys with better properties than traditional ones, which they have demonstrably succeeded in doing.

Now VBN’s materials can both be further improved and delivered faster to the growing customer base. Another important aspect is sustainability. In addition to the direct minimisation of unnecessary heating, as well as reduced transport, the machine has been equipped with a recycling system for the process gas, which further reduces the environmental impact.

“We have long planned for a URQ-HIP at the company, so it means a great deal that it is now in place! Above all, we are happy to have integrated another part of the production chain, so that we can significantly shorten our delivery times”, says Magnus Bergman, CEO of VBN Components.

URQ HIP hogre kontrast utan band
VBN’s new URQ-HIP will shorten lead times and improve material properties.

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