Are you interested in revolutionising the way of manufacturing metal components? In being a part of a growing new industry full of potential, where you deal with unique materials that have superior properties? Then take the opportunity to become a part of our journey!

Here you find our current open positions. Do not hesitate to send your application!

Spontaneous application

Summer Jobs: VBN Components will likely not be able to offer summer jobs in 2024. However, you are welcome to contact us in April-May to see if the situation has changed.

Internships: As a small company, VBN Components has limited opportunities to offer internships, but we are open to discussing this on a case-by-case basis.

Bachelor’s Thesis Projects: VBN Components plans to offer 1-2 Bachelor’s thesis projects in 2024. We are particularly interested in applicants from the field of Technical Physics with Material Science from Uppsala University or similar programmes.

Master’s Thesis Projects: VBN Components plans to offer one Master’s thesis project in 2024. We are prioritising areas such as material science, additive manufacturing, and tribology. We are currently (as of 08/12/23) in discussions with a candidate.

Open positions

Master thesis