Our alloys are widely recognised for their unique features and through the years they have been awarded many prestigious prizes in different countries:

Best of Industry Award 2020

Innovation award for additive manufacturing
Best of industry award logo

MM Maschinenmarkt Innovation Award 2019

Industrial innovation award
MM Award Trophy zur EMO 2019

TCT Awards 2019

Highly commended in the category of non-polymers
TCT Awards 2019 Materials non-polymers banner

SPD AGS Innovations Award 2018

SPD AGS logo

Årets Innovation 2018

Innovation of the year

Winner badge for Årets Innovation Uppsala 2018

Bona Postulata 2014

For companies with great growth potential
Bona postulata priset 2014 logo

SKAPA Innovation prize 2013

In memory of Alfred Nobel
SKAPA company logo