Redefining wear resistance by Additive Manufacturing

VBN offers 3D printed metal components made with five unique materials for additive manufacturing, named Vibenite®. With our patented production process specific metal powders turn into materials with extreme wear and heat resistance. Compared to traditional materials, they often give an application increased performance and significantly improve the lifetime of a component.

As a customer you can order finished components from us according to your design, or get a licence which gives you the right to produce Vibenite® components in your own factory. We also offer a materials development service where a unique alloy that perfectly meets your needs will be created. Read more about our Vibenite® materials and how they can improve your applications.

Thanks to the additive manufacturing process, you have the chance to design complex geometries, combine several parts into one, add channels for media, reduce weight, or add other features to your component without any soft machining.

All components are made with our own, patented Vibenite® materials that have exceptional wear resistance and are pore-free. We deliver near-net-shape, hardened components with grinding add-on upon chosen surfaces.

The reduced material waste and post machining steps combined with longer application lifetime and a lighter finished product, result in less energy consumption and environmental impact.

Customer references


We recommend all our customers to start with a pre-study to increase the chances for a successful first-time delivery of a new part. The pre-study typically starts with an application discussion where the customer is interviewed and the requirements for the application are determined. Then we select the most appropriate Vibenite® material for the application.

Additive manufacturing


Vibenite® is the group name of VBN Components’ patented, wear resistant, 3D printed materials.

All commercialised components are made with our own, patented materials. We deliver near-net-shape, hardened components with grinding add-on upon chosen surfaces. Their properties are unique and they are manufactured through a specific 3D printing process developed in-house.

VBN Vibenite metal products

What we do

We produce extremely wear and heat resistant metal components with our Vibenite® materials, according to customer drawings.

We push boundaries and create new frames for performance of metal alloys. Our reality is not inhibited by metal cutting. Through time, forging and rolling has limited the hardness of the materials used. – Not at VBN Components. We start by looking at what properties would be perfect for the finished product. With this in mind, we develop new materials and 3D printing processes with a remarkable result.

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