Engineering services

Engineering services

We support our customers with more advanced engineering projects, e.g. we can do Additive Manufacturing (AM) utilise projects where we fully explore the possibilities of additive manufacturing by for instance adding cooling channels, reducing weight, or combining several parts into one. We would be glad to listen to your idea for a component improvement and help you realise it! Get in touch to learn more!

Design and Reverse engineering:

We assist the customer from the development of the idea (co-design/re-design) or start directly from a physical object (reverse engineering) to obtain a 3D CAD.

Do you have an idea you wish to fulfil? Do you see a potential area of use or want to optimise a current component? VBN can help you with the design and choose the most suitable Vibenite® material for your component. We can assist you in the development of the idea or start from a physical object to obtain a 3D CAD model.

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