Can materials make the world more sustainable?

3D printing of metals saves resources, time and is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional production.


The fast toolmaking process – from 1 to 10,000 units!

We show you how you can move into manufacturing of extremely wear-resistant Vibenite® metal components by additive manufacturing.

Vibenite 480® – A new type of cemented carbide material – a Hybrid Carbide

This new type of cemented carbide – a hybrid carbide material inherits properties from both Cemented Carbide hard metals and High Speed Steels.

Vibenite 290® – the world’s hardest steel

VBN in Action - Chapter 1: Innovative Cooling Channels

“We believe that the shift from traditional to additive manufacturing is just the beginning. We’re just beginning to see what’s possible.
Let us show you what we mean.”
– Ulrik Beste, CTO

VBN in Action - Chapter 2: Wear Resistant Tools

To increase productivity, manufacturers can use tools with higher performance.

The VBN Way

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