VBN Components pushes back material boundaries and launches the world’s toughest stainless steel

Did we say it’s 3D-printed?

DSC1461 eiffel 684x1024 1
Wonder how much paint could be saved if the Eiffel Tower had been stainless? [Demo in Vibenite® 350]

Thanks to comprehensive development work supported by the Swedish Energy Agency, VBN Components has developed a new stainless alloy named Vibenite® 350, a material combining unprecedented levels of hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Vibenite® 350’s nanostructure contains 20% chromium, a high level of carbides, and is totally free from cobalt. The 3D-printing melting process results in a wear resistance that suits a variety of applications, e.g. plastic processing tools, pumps and pump houses, bearing and valve rings, as well as all wear parts where corrosion is a problem.

As a recognized leader in the development of metal alloys, VBN Components already has two hard and wear resistant materials in its portfolio; Vibenite® 150 and Vibenite® 280. The new Vibenite® 350 is our next step, combining good tolerance to corrosion with high hardness and excellent

wear resistance – and 3D-printing.

Hard-condition stainless steels are notoriously difficult to machine, so producing stainless components using 3D-printing/AM technology represents a big process improvement. Vibenite® 350 lets you easily create near-net-shape blanks for any kind of extremely demanding product.

In addition, very high material yield – typically >98% – combined with superior performance and longer product lifetime significantly reduces environmental impact!

Download the press release as PDF:
170608 VBN Components launches the toughest stainless metal in the world

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