VBN Components honoured with German innovation award

PRESS RELEASE 13 November 2018

VBN Components honoured with German innovation award

New, wear resistant alloys which enhance life-span and capacity for industrial tools and components. Optimised material use and production that saves energy. The Swedish company’s patented materials are now honoured with German innovation award. 

Through ground breaking technology, Swedish VBN Components has contributed to a technical and digital paradigm shift, influencing how production and business in the steel sector will be handled in the future. This is the motivation for the innovation prize, awarded by German AGS SPD. In addition to innovation, sustainability is also taken into consideration. To manufacture alloys in this way gives energy savings of about 90%, due to minimal material waste and optimised production technique.

For ten years VBN Components has developed patented, wear resistant alloys that are turned into industrial components through 3D-printing. In addition to extreme wear resistance, achieved through small, well dispersed carbides, the materials branded Vibenite® are also unique thanks to being pore free. There are many examples of applications where metal cutting tools made of Vibenite® last longer and cut deeper than corresponding tools in traditional materials.

”It means a great deal that VBN Components is being recognised at a European level with this award. Germany is an important business partner to us and the prize will give us new connections on one of Europe’s most important markets”, says Ulrik Beste, CTO and co-founder.

The award is politically independent, but founded by Germany’s second largest political party SPD and its business association AGS, with 34 000 members. Earlier this year VBN Components was nominated by a local branch in the city of Uppsala. Representatives of SPD, the German government and the European Parliament will attend the ceremony.

Pump impeller in corrosion resistant Vibenite® 350
TCO Ulrik Beste accepts the AGS-award on 29 November 2018.

For further information, please contact:Isabelle Bodén, Press ContactsVBN Components ABSwitchboard: +46 (0)18-24 07 60Cell phone: +46(0)702-36 22 81Email: isabelle.boden@vbncomponents.comWebsite: www.vbncomponents.comPress Center: https://vbncomponents.com/press/

VBN Components in brief

VBN Components AB is a Swedish, frontline materials development company founded in 2008. The company manufactures wear-resistant metal components directly from powder, so-called 3D-printing (additive manufacturing, free forming), which improve the competitiveness of the engineering industry. VBN Components has won numerous awards and is an alumnus from Uppsala Innovation Centre, ranked as the world’s 4th best business incubator with university connection. The company provides Near-Net-Shape components branded Vibenite® to clients needing metal components with high complexity and/or extreme wear-resistance. www.vbncomponents.com

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