Successful tool tests with VBN’s Vibenite® followed by licence agreement with ANAJ


Successful tool tests with VBN’s Vibenite® followed by licence agreement with ANAJ

Tool materials that noticeably improve performance and lifetime. That is what defines the alloys of the Swedish company VBN Components AB. VBN has always focused on hard and wear-resistant materials that are additively manufactured, and today offers four steels and one cemented carbide under the Vibenite® brand. The tool manufacturer ANAJ Czech, a.s., which has tested components in said material, was so satisfied with the results that a licence agreement has been signed to start manufacturing in-house. ANAJ values design and problem solving, and is one of the largest manufacturers of special tools for machining in the Czech Republic. It has been successfully operating on the market for over 25 years and is a well-established player in Eastern Europe and in Germany.

“ANAJ Czech, a.s. sees great potential in additive technology. Our conviction is evidenced by the establishment of a cooperation with VBN Components AB and the purchase of technology for our production. We hope that we will be able to use the materials and know-how of VBN to produce complex tools with high added value for the customer.

The joint development of the additive technology with VBN is directed in the first phase towards the printing of semi-finished tools for gear manufacturing (i.e. gear hobs and power skiving). Subsequently, in the second phase, we will focus on the development of tools for machining of non-ferrous alloys (Al, Ti and Mg).

We still have a long and challenging road ahead of us to successfully implement additive technology, but we are confident that additively manufactured tools will outperform current cutting tools”, says Vojtěch Pečinka, Sales Manager of ANAJ Czech, a.s..

The materials’ exceptional hardness and wear resistance can only be achieved with additive manufacturing. Therefore, ANAJ has acquired an AM machine, with which VBN and ANAJ will develop and optimise tools in Vibenite®. VBN will also provide training in Design for Additive Manufacturing, both remotely and on site at ANAJ.

“We look forward to working with ANAJ, a progressive tool manufacturer with a strong interest in new technology. It will be truly exciting to develop new additively manufactured tools in Vibenite®”, says Magnus Bergman, CEO of VBN Components.

example Skiving grinding
Blank of power skiving tool ground into final dimension

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