Newsletter March 2018

2018 has taken off with new products, new equipment and an award nomination! Read on to find out what we have been up to…

Very low wear rate in shaper cutters using patented AM-HSSTM Vibenite®
One of VBN’s customers has tested a number of shaper cutters in Vibenite® 280 Optimum 70, and the results are more than satisfying. In the initial tests, the wear rate is only 50 % of wear rates in traditional materials! This outcome reinforces what has been shown before; that you can use a Vibenite®-tool twice as long as a traditional steel tool.

-We are very glad to see that our patented technology in 3D-printing of high speed steels is working so well. We call the technique AM-HSSTM, Additive Manufacturing of High Speed Steels, says Ulrik Beste, CTO of VBN Components AB.

Extremely large die casting tool
For a couple of years VBN Components has been a part of the Adding 2 project, together with Swerea SWECAST, Ankarsrum Die Casting, Richardssons Verktygsservice, NovaCast System, VOLVO GTT and Jönköping University School of Engineering. In this project, VBN has now produced two parts of a large die casting tool for aluminium casting with complex shapes, media channels and significant height for a 3D-printed tool; 36,7 cm!

Finalist “Innovation of the Year”
As you may know, VBN Components has been nominated for “Innovation of the Year”, and will be presented as a finalist at the entrepreneurial gala Företagargalan i Uppsala, on April 19th. We are very proud to see that our materials are being acknowledged at this event! The gala is a regional competition, and the winners will be presented at the national finals in Stockholm later this fall. -Let’s hope for the best!

New year, new production equipment
New 3D-printer equipment has been added to our production facility. With rising demand, we are glad to have assured production capacity for the near future.

Article in Dagens industri
The largest business magazine in the Nordic countries, Dagens industri, has published an article about VBN Components on January 22nd, headlined “Durable in 3D brings new strength” (“Hållbart i 3D ger ny styrka”). The article describes how VBN developed from the idea to make steel production easier and better. You will find us on page 29!

VBN news travels the world
In our last newsletter, the big news was our launch of the World’s Hardest Steel, Vibenite® 290 (watch our video here if you missed it). It keeps travelling the world and has reached as far as the USA and China. Below are some of the links to websites/magazines in different parts of the globe:
Gear Technology, USA
Industrial Heating, USA
Teknovation, Denmark, China, China, China

We hope you enjoyed the read! We will continously update our homepage with current events.

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