Die-cutting with PrimeBlade Sweden

We proudly announce our collaboration with PrimeBlade Sweden, together with the fantastic results it has generated. Jimmy Nyström, Marketing Manager at PrimeBlade summarises the success story the following way: “VBN has produced punches and dies in Vibenite® 150, which perform about 50% better than the previous ones in a top, traditional PM cutting steel, and still at a very competitive price. They are used for die-cutting doctor blades (a.k.a. duct blades or squeegees) of high-quality Swedish steel, that are used to remove excess paint from anilox rolls in the printing process in the packaging industry globally. 

The doctor blade steel is made from 95% recycled material and can be recycled again after usage in a circular system. The doctor blades are of the absolute highest quality and meet all the demands of precise tolerances. Naturally, the die-cutting needs to be at the same level, which is perfectly met by Vibenite®”

Die-cutting of doctor blades with Vibenite® 150.

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