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We hope you are all doing well. At VBN, we keep adapting to the current situation and would like to share with you how you can interact and stay up to date with us for the time being. We have some interesting webinars coming up and we have also appeared in both research and industry related articles. There are also exciting news to share regarding the fatigue resistance of Vibenite® 150!

Vibenite® 150: more than double fatigue resistance compared to closest maraging AM steel

Rotating fatigue testing of Vibenite® 150

The need for high quality powder in the AM-HSS™ process has been analysed for Vibenite® 150. The findings were presented together with Erasteel Kloster AB, at the EPMA Virtual Congress session 23. In the analysis work, the fatigue resistance of Vibenite® 150 was measured for different powders with different cleanliness. The pull-pull fatigue resistance of Vibenite® 150 with 58 HRC was measured in samples to ~1200 MPa, in both vertical and horizontal direction.

In addition, VBN Components has conducted rotating fatigue resistance measurements on Vibenite® 150 with 59 HRC, resulting in a fatigue resistance on vertical samples of ~975 MPa and on horizontal samples of ~1080 MPa.

The very high fatigue resistance is a result of the unique powder and process and is reported to be more than double compared to the closest maraging steel on the AM market. Recently, VBN has delivered plastic processing tools, powder pressing components, and drill tools in this alloy.

Webinar with GE Additive

VBN has been working with GE Additive Arcam EBM since 2014, as previously announced in a press release. GE Additive regularly hosts webinars covering various topics related to additive manufacturing. On Wednesday, November 4th, 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time / 4:00 pm CET, VBN will share experiences related to successful applications for Vibenite® alloys in the webinar “Redefining wear resistance through 3D printing of hard metals with high carbide content”. Register to join!

Seminar with “Competence Centre in Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences”

Sweden’s innovation agency VINNOVA has co-financed the project Competence Centre in Additive Manufacturing for the Life Sciences, which is a VINNOVA Competence Centre that gathers more than 20 dynamic partners in academia, industry and the public sector to support competence development in Additive Manufacturing. VBN Components is supporting the centre with superior knowledge in Additive Manufacturing, metal powders and materials. Since some of the Vibenite® alloys could be used in life science equipment, VBN also interacts with the companies in internal projects. On November 18th at 11:30 CET, VBN’s CTO Dr. Ulrik Beste will host a webinar related to the project.

EuroAM 2020 Additive Manufacturing Seminar

From December 2nd to December 3rd, the European Powder Metallurgy Association will hold the Metal Additive Manufacturing Online Seminar. There will be presentations on the latest technological process and product innovations, and VBN’s CTO Dr. Ulrik Beste has been invited to speak on Thursday, December 3rd at 10:00 am CET. To watch this presentation, along with many interesting contributions from different parts of the world, register until November 25th!

VBN featured in Wear and Werkzeug Technic magazine

Wear-track in Vibenite® 280 after five slides.

The scientific paper “Evaluation of wear mechanisms in additive manufactured carbide-rich tool steels” evaluates the tribological situation of a ball made of AISI52100 Ball bearing steel, sliding against surfaces of Vibenite® 150, Vibenite® 280, and Vibenite® 290. The wear mechanisms were oxidative in nature, due to high contact temperatures. In the in-situ analyses beneath the oxides, micro-cutting was the predominant wear mechanism for Vibenite® 150, both micro-cutting and micro-plowing had an effect in the Vibenite® 280 tests, and micro-plowing was predominant for Vibenite® 290. The lowest friction value after 2 km sliding was measured to µ=0.5 for the ball bearing steel ball sliding against Vibenite® 280. VBN would like to thank the researchers at the University of Manchester, UK, and at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK for conducting the analyses.

Recently, a story on VBN was featured in the English issue of the German magazine Werkzeug Technik (tool technology). To get a good overview of Vibenite® materials, start reading on page 72!

Metal Additive Manufacturing in nuclear applications

On September 23rd, VBN Components’ Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Ulrik Beste, was invited by the research and knowledge institute Energiforsk  to hold the webinar “Electron beam melting (EBM) additive manufacturing technique for the next generation wear resistant materials with high hardness and high cleanliness, examples of components and new materials.” Energiforsk had organised a day-long seminar revolving around metal additive manufacturing in nuclear applications.

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